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People tell me I need a blog. How I do create one? - Knowledgebase / Consulting - EthicallyMAD Support

People tell me I need a blog. How I do create one?

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A blog is a great way to share information with your customers and make you a trusted leader in your industry. It also is excellent for SEO, helping your website get better search results in Google.

Most websites have a space for a blog—if yours doesn’t, give us a call and ask if you can have it added. Then it is as simple as writing the content, making sure it’s factual, perfectly edited and entertaining. Or, you can ask us about our content writers that take all your writing worries away.

If you are not likely to post at least once a month, or pay someone else to, then we do not advise having a blog. You are far better off without one as it will only act as negative social proof.

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