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How much does SEO cost? - Knowledgebase / Search Engine Optimisation - EthicallyMAD Support

How much does SEO cost?

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SEO has two components: the initial set-up, and then on-going costs. Both costs can vary, depending on the size of your site, how aggressive you want to be, and what your competitors are up to. 

Many SEO companies will give you a fixed monthly price, which in our mind is insane. No two sites are the same. To give a fixed monthly fee is an insult to your business. It is almost certain that we would be undercharging (and so unable to deliver a result, and therefore waste your money), or overcharge (and so waste your money and rip you off). 

If you want to know what it will take to get you the result you are looking for we must ask a few questions and analyse your site. (And if anyone tells you otherwise, don't walk - run!) Give us a call for a quote.

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