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How do I change a photo or update some text on my site? - Knowledgebase / Website - EthicallyMAD Support

How do I change a photo or update some text on my site?

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When we handed the site over to you, we gave training on how to update and change images and content. Generally all you need to do is make sure you are logged in, find the page you want to edit, then select 'edit with Elementor'. With the page editor open, just click on the section you want to change, make the change, then save. That's it.

It’s possible you’ve forgotten or a new staff member doesn’t know how to do things.

If you have premium hosting with us, contact us. We can quickly tell you how to complete a certain task, or help you get it done. 

If we have built your site with Elementor (which is very likely if you have a Wordpress site from us), then do a search on YouTube and there are many very good videos showing you how. (Just search something like 'how to change a video with Elementor'.)

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